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Natural Flea Remedies?


Q: Dear Nora,
Is there something non-toxic and more natural than prescription treatments that I can use to rid my home and cat of fleas? 

A: Fleas are the worst. When I was rescued by my friend Mike last summer, before I found my forever home, I was covered in an unbelievable amount of fleas. They were always biting me and driving me crazy. Kudos to you for caring about keeping your kitty flea-less in a non-toxic way.

For a natural remedy, try apple cider vinegar. Spray diluted (50/50 with water) onto your floors and carpets. You can also rub this mixture into her coat. Fleas hate the sour taste of vinegar and will avoid it. To catch jumpers, you can also mix dish detergent into water and leave bowls of it around your home. The fleas will be attracted to the sweet smell of the detergent, jump in, and won’t be able to get out.

When using natural remedies that deter fleas without killing them, you must vacuum every day (several times per day if possible!) to suck up fleas and eggs. Empty the vacuum bag often, too, so the fleas don’t hop out!

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  1. michelle | | Reply

    We had a royal battle with fleas last year. It was terrible. We ended up being victorious using Diatamaecious Earth. It was a little messy but worked incredibly well. We sprinkled it all over the floor paying close attention to cracks and corners where they like to hide. We let it sit for 24 hours then vacuumed. We went through two cycles of this then repeated it two weeks later to get any newly hatched fleas. It was a long process but in the end totally worth it. This year, prevention will be key.

    Any natural preventatives you recommend, Nora?

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