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REVIEW: Clean Healthy Bowls

PB-102I’ve been procrastinating on this review for quite a while because I was torn on what to write. I think the Clean HealthyBowls are great… for the right situation or home. According to the company:

  • 45% of pet bowls have E. Coli, Salmonella and/or yeast/mold.
  • 75% of pet bowls still had Salmonella after scrubbing with soap and water
  • 67% of pet bowls still had Salmonella after being cleaned with a dishwasher
  • 20% of cat and dog illnesses seen by a Vet are typically caused by bacterial infections.

That’s alarming. And, if I had ever known a cat who had become sick from e. Coli or Salmonella, I’m 100% sure I’d be more invested in these bowls. Since that’s not the case, using them consistently seems both costly and wasteful and we’ll be sticking to washing our reusable bowls the old fashioned way.product-shot

BUT! I do think that these bowls are practical in other ways.

  • They would be great for traveling! If you don’t have the ability to clean your bowls regularly these would be a great option.
  • They would be great for when you have to hire a pet sitter! I know that I feel guilty sometimes about asking my sitter to scrub dishes. These would eliminate that guilt.
  • These would be great for everyone who feeds stray and feral cats! Cats who live outdoors are far more likely to have viruses and diseases that can be spread to other cats. These bowls would help keep dishes clean.
  • They would be great for shelters and adoption centers! When there are so many cats around, it just makes sense to use disposable bowls.

Despite my own personal hangup on the waste aspect, the bowls are minimum-impact. They’re made from straw (an agricultural by-product) instead of trees and they are fully compostable. Non-allergenic and gluten-free too!

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