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REVIEW: Ruggable Washable Area Rugs

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Image Source: Ruggable

A few months ago, Ruggable sent me a sample of one of their 2-piece rug systems. I had never heard of such a thing and, to tell you the truth, I was a bit skeptical that a rug that separated into two pieces would stay in place. My sister Ida and I are both very rowdy cats, so I knew this rug would really be put to the test.

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Image Source: Ruggable

My first impression upon opening the package was “Ooh, it’s stylish!” I checked out their website and found that the Ruggable rugs come in tons of colors and patterns that should blend in nicely with any decor. Now that it has been in my home for quite a while, here are my thoughts:

  • I tried everything I could to budge this rug. I charged it at full speed. I tackled my sister while she was calmly sitting on it grooming herself. I pounced onto the rug from the back of the couch. None of my efforts made it budge. I guess the no-slip backing really works!
  • was able to flip the corners up a few times though. The velcro-like material that helps the top layer attach to the bottom doesn’t go all the way to the edges.
  • After Ida and I shed all over it and I coughed up an impressive-sized hairball, my mom peeled off the top layer and tossed it in the wash. When it came out it was like having a whole new rug! So easy to clean.
  • Since the top layers can be bought separately, it would be easy to get a few different styles and switch them up to alter the look of your room sometimes. That could be fun!

All in all, Ruggable has come up with a great idea! I love it!










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