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Happy New Year! Win a YEAR’S WORTH OF LITTER! And a Tiny Hat For Your Cat!

Me with my own custom Adam Ellis tiny hat!
Me with my own custom Adam Ellis tiny hat!

Happy New Year! I hope you– all of you, feline and human– have had a great 2015! This has been a big year for me. We added a new cat to my family, we moved from a busy and noisy street in New York to a green and bird-filled neighborhood in North Carolina, and I decided that cuddling isn’t so bad after all! I’m excited to see what 2016 has in store for all of us.

As you may know, Dear Nora has been teamed up with Tidy Cats this year. We’ve given away jugs and jugs of free cat litter and other gifts to many of our readers. As the year comes to a close, we’re giving away our most exciting gift yet! One very lucky Dear Nora reader will win a year’s supply of FREE TIDY CATS litter (in the form of 12 free-product coupons)! Wow!

And that’s not all! Tidy Cats has teamed up with Adam Ellis, author of one of my favorite books Tiny Hats on Cats. If you don’t know who Adam is, be sure to follow him on Instagram. His posts are adorable and hilarious. Adam wants to help your cat ring in the new year in style, so he’ll be sending the winner a hand-crafted tiny hat for your kitty!

What’s your cat’s new year’s resolution?

Tell us in the comments by January 1st for a chance to win a whole year’s worth of Tidy Cats litter and a custom made tiny hat from the amazing and talented Adam Ellis!


  1. Michelle Spayde | | Reply

    I’m sure that at least one of our cats has the resolution to collect even more catnip toys in the new year, then cry even louder because he wants something ELSE to play with. 🙂

  2. Patrice OConnor | | Reply

    My cats resolve not to fight with each other so much. They resolve to snuggle on the radiators more, groom each other and purr while in the presence of each other. 2016 will be the year of feline harmony!

  3. Joanne | | Reply

    My 20 pound rescue cat, Rocky resolves to lose weight this year. As a former stray cat, he still thinks every meal may be his last. He uses his large head to push Stars and Stripes Way from their bowls so he can have some extra.

  4. Sarah | | Reply

    I consulted with the ladies last night – Matilda resolves to sit on me, no matter what position I may be in or if I’m trying to do something like sit ups. Opha resolves to make sure I’m up for work on time and to be sure to REALLY explore every nook and cranny in our apartment. I resolved to come up with better / different songs to sing to them (I often sing “Kittens [meow meow meow], do you know how much I love you [meow meow meow]” to the tune of that oldies song “Do you want to know a secret” . . . the ladies would like some new pieces)

  5. Dale | | Reply

    Cleo thinks she’s already perfect, so she doesn’t need to make any resolutions. Pepsi resolves to find better ways to avoid Mom at pill time. Squeeks resolves to make sure he’s fed on time. Kia resolves to stop being a bully to the other cats. Or maybe not.

    • Dale | | Reply

      I have to amend my previous post. Cleo’s resolution is to get Mommy to stop running around so much that she has no time to snuggle with her.

  6. Maeve | | Reply

    Agnes’s resolution is to at some point defeat me when I try to give her her medication. I’ve been doing it twice a day for the past two years and always eventually succeeded, but she keeps fighting because she knows that at some point I’ll retreat.

  7. Carly | | Reply

    Orion’s NYE resolutions are to watch more movies (preferably sitting on Dad’s head), eat more tuna and to stop smacking Jasper the Bassett Hound in the face so much.

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