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Review: Tidy Cats LightWeight 4-in-1 Strength Litter

strength_LI’m thrilled to let you know that I’ll be working with Tidy Cats again this year to bring you an inside look at new products. This also means we’ll be hosting even more litter giveaways so you’ll have a chance to try it all out and see for yourself why this litter is so great. In fact, at the end of this post you’ll find instructions for how to win a jug of the new LightWeight 4-in-1 Strength litter! But first things first.

Tidy Cats recently sent me a jug of their new litter to try out. My mom emptied my litter box, gave it a good scrub, then refilled it with the 4-in-1 Strength litter. At first I was hesitant because I’m a bit cautious when it comes to change (hey, it’s scary when things are unpredictable!), but once I found my bravery I realized that this litter is actually pretty cool! Here’s why:

  • The “4-in-1 Strength” part means this litter fights four of the worst parts about litter boxes: ammonia, pee and poop smells, and loose clumps. My cat nose has 40 times the smelling power of my mom’s measly human nose, so keeping those smells in check helps me feel more comfortable in the litter box.
  • The tighter clumps mean less stray bits of used litter being left in the box when my mom scoops. That keeps the litter fresher for longer.
  • The lightweight technology means my mom can store the extra litter on a higher shelf so it’s not cluttering up my litter area. Without the extra bulky containers hanging around I can easily see if my sister is sneaking up on me.

Want to try a jug for free to see if your cat agrees with my review? Simply answer this question for a chance to have a jug of Tidy Cats LightWeight 4-in-1 Strength litter sent right to your doorstep (plus some cat toys!):

What’s the most important feature you look for in a cat litter?

A winner will be chosen on Saturday April 9th. Act fast!

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  1. Carolyn | | Reply

    Odor control! is the most important!

    • Nora | | Reply

      Yessss, excellent!

  2. Joanne Owens | | Reply

    Even though I have three male cats who have excellent litter box skills, odor control is the most important feature I look for in litter. I never want my house to smell like I have three cats. Although you can probably tell by all the cat hair!

    • Nora | | Reply

      Controlling odors with three cats is indeed an art form.

  3. Alina Calico | | Reply

    Clumping is the most important. If the litter does not clump, the Urine mixes in the litter causing it to be dirty and smelly (another problem).

    • Nora | | Reply

      Yes, hard clumping litter does a lot to eliminate odors!

  4. Rhonda Andersen | | Reply

    Definitely odor control is key! But I’m also looking for less dust, and so far, the lightweight litters seem to be dustier. I’m anxious to try Tidy Cat Lightweight to check against both those concerns.

    • Nora | | Reply

      We haven’t had issues with dust with the 4-in-1 Strength litter. It does track a bit like other lightweight litters, but we have a good litter mat that keeps the tracking under control.

  5. Patrice OConnor | | Reply

    I love a dust free litter.

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