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Does Your Home Need A Littervention? Well, We’re Giving One Away!

Litterboxes are the worst, whether you’re a human or a cat. They take up a lot of space and look terrible, they’re stinky, and litter tracks everywhere. Do you ever wish there was someone who would look at your litterbox area, hear your challenges, then send you everything you need to revamp your space? We sure did, and our wish came true. And yours can too!

A couple months ago Tidy Cats asked us the big question: What are your biggest litter box concerns? I gotta tell ya, we had quite the list to send back to them.

  1. First and foremost, we wanted a litter box that didn’t look like a litter box. You may remember that we recently moved into a very small home. There’s no optimal place in our new house to put the litter box, and certainly no place to hide it away.
  2. Since the litter box must be out in the open, we’re very concerned about the smell. We don’t want our guests to think “litter box!” the second they step into our home.
  3. And finally, we want to minimize scatter. There are only so many times a person can vacuum in a day.


The picture above is what our litter box area looked like before Tidy Cats stepped in to grant us a Littervention. As you can see, it was quite an eyesore. The area was small, cluttered, and litter tracked out of the box. Everything about it screamed “HEY! THERE’S A LITTER BOX OVER HERE!”

Well, Tidy Cats heard our woes and set their experts on a mission to solve our problems. Here’s what they came up with:


Their team put together the purrfect Littervention kit, which systematically solved all of our problems!

  1. The litter box cabinet hides the box in plain sight. At first glance, the cabinet looks like an end table. But even with the disguise, it’s easy for cats to get in and out of. No more eyesore!
  2. With our Littervention kit we received more Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Lightweight litter. It clumps tightly and instantly eliminates undesirable smells. No more stink!
  3. The high side of the cabinet entrance (which contains much of the litter that would normally be kicked out of the box), along with a very effective litter mat means the litter stays put. No tracking!

All in all, Tidy Cats ACED IT with our Littervention!

Are you ready to re-vamp your litter box area in time for spring cleaning? Tidy Cats would love to give one lucky Dear Nora reader a Littervention of their own!

Let us know what litter box problem you need solved for a chance to win! Let us know by midnight Friday May 27th!

*This is a sponsored post


  1. Crista Yagjian | | Reply

    We have our litter box in the basement. Our two cats always seem to get litter everywhere- yuck!
    Any suggestions?

  2. Jennifer | | Reply

    My cats litter boxes are in the basement and the damp air with the scatter all around just makes for an unpleasant situation for us all. Even the dogs stay away and that stuff is usually like Tootsie Rolls for them. Help please 🙂

  3. Lynnette_koch@yahoo.com | | Reply

    One of my cats flings litter and another sometimes doesn’t have his butt all the way in the box. Ugh!

  4. Vanessa Wheeler | | Reply

    We have two adult cats, and two litter boxes. They make such mess. We have tried the lids on the littler boxes and one cat kicks all the litter out of the whole, the other wouldn’t use it with lid on it. Now we have no lids and two boxes. we keep them in the basement which is damper than upstairs, and the smell doesn’t come upstairs, so that is a relief. but of course once you top into the basement the cats have to use it as soon as you go down there. Every time. Why is that? I would love a box that kept the litter inside the box, and kept the smell down for the one cat that never covers after he is done. I know i need a miracle. But really its the litter everywhere that drives me crazy, and sometimes it follows them up the stairs when its stuck to their paws. HELP!

  5. David Jordan | | Reply

    after they use the boxes my cats track litter all over the next room! help!

  6. Anna Edson | | Reply

    Kitty litter is always getting on the floor, making me sweep 2 or 3 times a day. And the door on Mocha’s box is either always falling off, or getting stuck closed with her in it. Either way, neither of us is impressed with her kitty litter box.

  7. Sara Jillian | | Reply

    We have three cats- two are really big! We are currently using a Rubbermaid storage container for the litter box because it’s the only thing they can fit in without kicking litter everywhere. But it’s not perfect.. It’s ugly and they still track litter everywhere. Help me, Nora!

  8. Michelle | | Reply

    We are adopting a kitty very soon and are trying to figure out were to place the litter box. Our previous kitty got used to me constantly moving it and trying new things to make it work. Starting out with a Littervention would be a dream!

  9. Adriane | | Reply

    Mostly just the litter all over the floor when the little guy does an over exuberant job covering his tracks. Would love something that contained that problem and looks as good as the set up you have now!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Patrice OConnor | | Reply

    Sometime I feel like our litter boxes have taken over our house. We have 3 cats and 6 litter boxes. Help! I use puppy pads for accidents outside the boxes and one of my cats has started using the pads. I have litter scattered all over and I’m constantly washing all 6 boxes.

  11. Marwin | | Reply

    My cat gets litter out of the box even though it’s closed! I tried putting towels down to track the litter but she just plays with them. Any DIY solutions so I don’t have to buy one of those plastic littermats?

    Also, anything I can do to encourage my cat to bury her poop? She never does and it’s stinky.

  12. allyson | | Reply

    My cat kicks the litter everywhere!!! I think she thinks she’s a dog. It’s in an out of the way spot, but odor is a problem…

  13. Shannon | | Reply

    We have two cats and four litter boxes in the basement. They seem to each have their preferences, one of whom would rather pee on a smooth surface than in a litter-y litterbox, and this same unnamed pointy-eared friend will also pee outside the box if things aren’t some version of perfect I haven’t yet figured out. And, yeah, litter evvvvrrryyywhere. Halp!

  14. Sarah | | Reply

    I have one cat (Murray) he loves kicking his litter around. I keep the litter in my bedroom closet. Which can be smelly and he tracks the litter all over my bedroom. I want to adopt another car soon (Murray needs a friend ) but not looking forward to more mess.

  15. Beth Owens | | Reply

    I need a bigger litter box! I have seven cats , plus four new kittens who are a week old today! My cats range in age from a week old to twenty years old….. I need a taller , bigger litter box so they won’t kick litter out all over the place…. I also need a litter box with tall sides but no top…. But I need a short entrance to the box … Any ideas?

  16. Frosado | | Reply

    We have a tiny apt with 3 kids and out car. All carpeted, the litter gets everywear and no one to hide the litter box. We love out kitty and dont want to give ip on her because of this. HELP!!

  17. Lisa Miller | | Reply

    My cats kick their litter out all over the floor!

  18. Alden | | Reply

    It’s been a never ending battle for us. We’ve tried the boxes with doors to contain the smell and the mess, but then at least one of the cats refused to go in it and just peed next to it. We have one cat that won’t do a box with a roof at all, another is fine with whatever. We’ve tried mats, raised boxes, and “fencing” to make the cats wander around in a confined area to get out. They all do a little bit to contain the litter into one area, but nothing has been 100% yet.

    One thing we haven’t tried yet because of the mixed reviews are the automatic litterboxes; the one I was most interested in got hooked up to a water supply and washed and dried itself. It had a grinder that sent the waste down the toilet (or a drain if you plumbed it that way) for you. Any experience with these?

  19. Rachel | | Reply

    Tracking! Our litter box is in the pantry, and even though I sweep at least once per day, I’m constantly feeling the crunch of litter under my feet in our kitchen. I’ve tried many different styles of litter, but I think I need a higher wall solution, or some kind of anti-track pad. I have a small doormat-like litter rug from our local pet supply shop, but it doesn’t seem big or effective enough.

  20. Joanne Owens | | Reply

    Due to mess, odor, and decor, I have 4 litter boxes are in my basement. I have three male cats who love to dig and dig and dig. I am always sweeping the basement floor because they dig the litter right out of the box. Stars will shake his paws off outside of the box, too. The other issue I have is that Stars (12 years old) is having a difficult time walking down the basement stairs to get to the litter boxes-he seems slower climbing back up. Luckily, Stripes and Rocky still run up and down the basement stairs (and all over the house)!

  21. sheila | | Reply

    our biggest problem is litter getting flung all over the room and having to sweep 2x/day. smell is honestly under control. folks tell us that our house specifically DOESN’T smell like cats—thanks tidy cats!

  22. Angelica | | Reply

    My litter box problem is multi-fold: I have a small place, so it’s hard to put a litter box in a spot where it’s not super obvious, but that she’ll use it. So far, I haven’t figured out the best way to deal with it so her litter box is just out in the open in the bathroom. A subtle solution that masks the smell would be ideal. TidyCats light-weight litter totally changed my life as a bus commuter with a cat!

  23. Hannah | | Reply

    I have six cats and trying to hide that many litter boxes in plain sight is a challenge. Two different littler textures for substrate preference, plus, even scooping and twice a day doesn’t always do the trick!

  24. Carol | | Reply

    I have to keep my litter boxes in the bedroom which is really not ideal. I was thinking of buying a plain toddler-size pool to put the boxes in, but I can’t find any kind of an overall tray that doesn’t look like a big turtle or some silly thing. I keep a little dustpan and hand sweeper next to the boxes but I can’t seem to get all of the litter up and it requires I vacuum almost every day. I love my cats dearly and want them to have a clean, safe place to do their business that doesn’t ruin the rest of my life along with it. Getting a little desperate in this small apartment.

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