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Sticky: Just Say NO To Stank Face (Plus FREE Litter Giveaway!)

Have you heard about Stank Face? Even if you don’t know it by name, I bet you’ve encountered it if there’s a litter box in your home.

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My fondest Stank Face memory was when my mom was hosting a get-together of some old friends in our very small house. They were all lounging around the living room drinking tea while I lurked around under the bed because I don’t like people very much. Eventually I ventured out to use the litter box and I caused quite a stink! Her friends were holding their noses and wafting their hands in front of their faces as I raced back under the bed. My mom told me later that she and her friends had to finish their tea on the porch because the home become unbearable. If I wasn’t a cat, I would have been embarrassed.

This is my mom's Stank Face, compared to how she felt after discovering the new and improved TidyLock™ Protected litter.
This is my mom’s Stank Face, compared to how she felt after discovering the new and improved TidyLock™ Protected litter.

Tidy Cats takes Stank Face seriously! That’s why they’ve improved their already-awesome litter to include TidyLock™ Protection, which does an even better job of locking away Stank Face inducing odors. To create as much awareness as possible about Stank Face and its antidote, TidyLock™ Protection, they’ve even teamed up with actress Angela Kinsey (who you may know as Angela Martin from NBC’s “The Office”). Watch the important PSA:

TidyLock™ Protection is available in both traditional and lightweight versions of your favorite 24/7 and Instant Action Tidy Cats clumping litter.

Are you ready to kick Stank Face out of your life for good? Visit www.StopStankFace.com to learn more. Also…

We’re giving away FIVE free Tidy Cats litter coupons to one lucky reader! Just leave a comment telling us about one time you experienced Stank Face for a chance to win! 

One lucky Dear Nora winner will be chosen at midnight on Saturday August 13th.



*This is a sponsored post. #TidyInsider


  1. Patrice | | Reply

    I’ve honestly never experienced stank face in my home because I use Tidy Cat litter and I always have. I have six litter boxes and I clean them twice a day. I don’t even notice that there are cat boxes in my house.

    • Nora | | Reply

      That’s great feedback! Maybe YOU can make the next PSA. 🙂

  2. Allison | | Reply

    I remember the time I asked my husband to scoop the litter box, which was filled with generic clay litter. He gagged and doubled over even before the scoop hit the litter. I thought he was having a violent allergic reaction, when- in fact – it was a crippling attack of Stank Face.

    An effective way to teach me to NEVER ask him again.

    • Nora | | Reply

      Yikes! Perfect example of Stank Face!

  3. allyson | | Reply

    My son is 6, and headed for Broadway. His Stank face is heightened by doubling over and falling down dramatically, with “eewwwwww.” Then his two year old sister gets in on the action and gets me laughing so hard I can’t clean the litter box.

    • Nora | | Reply

      Stank Face often warrants dramatics!

  4. Bonnie Lu M Brehm | | Reply

    My cat Bella has two litter boxes, one is about three sizes bigger than her while the other is traditional. She prefers to pee in one and poop in the other, but when she pee’s you would think it was gushing out of her. My husband thought he would do a good deed one day and was down in the basement where the boxes are kept. All of a sudden I heard this screech, he came running up the stairs holding his nose and mouth, and his eyes were all watering like crazy. It was priceless because the cat is sitting there looking up at his as if to say, “what! do you think I enjoy going behind you into your area”, hurmph…. Tail high and walks away.

    • Nora | | Reply

      Bella sounds like a jokester! I like it! 🙂

  5. Anna Memphis | | Reply

    I just moved two 7-year-old cats trans-Atlantic, and the adjustment to new food has been rougher than usual — the problem being we can’t transition slowly since transporting meat internationally is a no no. So it’s been stank face a couple times of day, though it’s getting better.

    • Nora | | Reply

      Oh yes, my family is very familiar with Stank Face caused by a diet change!

  6. Linda N. | | Reply

    The last time I experienced stank face was last week when it was raining at night with wind so I closed the windows in the bathroom that had the litter box and woke up to a sunny, stifling hot day with lots of humidity and a steamy hot bathroom with bad air quality that smelled bad! I put on the central air fast (it had been turned off because the night before it was cool out) and made use of air fresheners.

    • Nora | | Reply

      Enclosed spaces with little or no air circulation are certainly Stank Face makers!

  7. Janice | | Reply

    I use Tidy Cat litter and rarely ever have stank face. I scoop daily and try to keep everything clean. The only stank face I make is when I add new litter and get a dust cloud sometimes. Thanks for the chance.

    • Nora | | Reply

      Oh yes, the dust cloud is a doozy!

  8. Evie | | Reply

    Before I neutered my cat, I used to have stank face all the time. Male cat urine is something fierce when the cat isn’t neutered. Since then, it has been so much better!

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