About Us

Nora: The Brains, Troublemaker, Occasional Lover
Nora is the smarts behind this operation. When she isn’t doling out her expert advice, Nora loves to knock things off counters, flip over her water dish, and sleep under the couch.





Andee: The Writer, Translator, Dispenser of Treats
Andee translates Nora’s advice to make it available to the masses. When not working for Nora, Andee is a freelance cat writer. You can find her work at iHeartCats, Catster, CatTime, and Pet Tails Magazine. Visit her website at www.andeebingham.com.




Ida: Groomer, Expert Cuddler, and Exercise Coach
Ida is Nora’s sister, and works hard to keep everyone fit, cuddled, and clean. Ida loves food (all of it, all the time), kisses on her sweet little face, and napping in sunbeams.

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