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The World’s Oldest Living Cat Has Died

The World’s Oldest Living Cat Has Died
Source: HuffPost

The world’s oldest living cat, a feline named Tiffany Two, died last month at the age of 27 years, two months and nine days old.

In human terms, that’s about 125 years old, says Guinness World Records, which confirmed the cat’s death on Wednesday.

Tiffany Two’s owner, Sharon Voorhees, told ABC News on Thursday the orange and black tortoiseshell cat died peacefully in her sleep, atop a heated pad in her home in San Diego.

Voorhees bought the cat for $10 in 1988, and named her in honor of her first cat, Tiffany One, who was also a tortoiseshell.

“I paid $10, and I always say that was the best investment I ever made,” Voorhees told ABC in an earlier interview, when Tiffany Two turned 27. “We’re inseparable. She gets very emotional when I pet her. She drools.”

In the late 1990s, Tiffany Two burned through her proverbial “nine lives” when Voorhees moved into a new house. The cat got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood and disappeared for more than two years. After the prolonged absence, she showed up again one day, meowing on Voorhees’ doorstep.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Voorhees recalled to the San Diego Union-Tribune on Friday. “We were immediately reunited and spent the next 14-plus years together. There is a deep attachment from an animal. Nobody can ever tell me that animals don’t have feelings. I know better!”

Though 27 years is a remarkable age, Tiffany Two was still quite a few years shy of the record for “oldest cat ever.” That honor goes to a cat by the name of Creme Puff, who died in August 2005 at the wise old age of 38 years and three days.

Guinness is currently searching for Tiffany Two’s successor for the title of “oldest cat living.” If you have a feline deserving of the record, you’re encouraged to apply at www.guinnessworldrecords.com.

The World’s Oldest Living Cat Has Died

Pancake the 2-Legged Cat Will Steal Your Heart and Never Give It Back

Now you might look at photos of this adorable ball of fluff and say to yourself: “Oh, this just breaks my heart.” And that’s of course a totally normal response. But Pancake the two-legged cat is here to tell you that she isn’t on this planet to break your heart; she is here to steal it. And she’s going to snatch it right out your chest cavity with only two legs that don’t slow her down in the slightest.

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‘Cat Library’ For Kitten Lovers: Animal Shelter Hatches Purr-Fect Idea For Rescued Cats

Tiffany said the cat library for full-grown felines and kittens was hatched by the county’s director of public relations. Because it is in partnership with a local animal shelter, discussions centered on creating a satellite animal facility to take full advantage of the large influx of foot traffic.

Kitten Foster Families Desperately Needed at Los Angeles Shelters

Rescue groups like the Amanda Foundation, which held an adoption event at Pet Food Express in Beverly Hills Thursday, say it’s at a crisis level.

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Injured Kitten Makes Surprise Visit to Grade 3 Students

Henry, the injured kitten who captured the hearts of Edmonton animal lovers after he was found beside a highway two weeks ago, made a surprise visit to an elementary school on Wednesday.

The 10-week-old grey tabby was taken to the Edmonton Humane Society with a gaping wound and exposed tendons on a back leg. and a badly dislocated front leg.

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