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Review: Tidy Cats LightWeight 4-in-1 Strength Litter

strength_LI’m thrilled to let you know that I’ll be working with Tidy Cats again this year to bring you an inside look at new products. This also means we’ll be hosting even more litter giveaways so you’ll have a chance to try it all out and see for yourself why this litter is so great. In fact, at the end of this post you’ll find instructions for how to win a jug of the new LightWeight 4-in-1 Strength litter! But first things first.

Tidy Cats recently sent me a jug of their new litter to try out. My mom emptied my litter box, gave it a good scrub, then refilled it with the 4-in-1 Strength litter. At first I was hesitant because I’m a bit cautious when it comes to change (hey, it’s scary when things are unpredictable!), but once I found my bravery I realized that this litter is actually pretty cool! Here’s why:

  • The “4-in-1 Strength” part means this litter fights four of the worst parts about litter boxes: ammonia, pee and poop smells, and loose clumps. My cat nose has 40 times the smelling power of my mom’s measly human nose, so keeping those smells in check helps me feel more comfortable in the litter box.
  • The tighter clumps mean less stray bits of used litter being left in the box when my mom scoops. That keeps the litter fresher for longer.
  • The lightweight technology means my mom can store the extra litter on a higher shelf so it’s not cluttering up my litter area. Without the extra bulky containers hanging around I can easily see if my sister is sneaking up on me.

Want to try a jug for free to see if your cat agrees with my review? Simply answer this question for a chance to have a jug of Tidy Cats LightWeight 4-in-1 Strength litter sent right to your doorstep (plus some cat toys!):

What’s the most important feature you look for in a cat litter?

A winner will be chosen on Saturday April 9th. Act fast!

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REVIEW: Clean Healthy Bowls

PB-102I’ve been procrastinating on this review for quite a while because I was torn on what to write. I think the Clean HealthyBowls are great… for the right situation or home. According to the company:

  • 45% of pet bowls have E. Coli, Salmonella and/or yeast/mold.
  • 75% of pet bowls still had Salmonella after scrubbing with soap and water
  • 67% of pet bowls still had Salmonella after being cleaned with a dishwasher
  • 20% of cat and dog illnesses seen by a Vet are typically caused by bacterial infections.

That’s alarming. And, if I had ever known a cat who had become sick from e. Coli or Salmonella, I’m 100% sure I’d be more invested in these bowls. Since that’s not the case, using them consistently seems both costly and wasteful and we’ll be sticking to washing our reusable bowls the old fashioned way.product-shot

BUT! I do think that these bowls are practical in other ways.

  • They would be great for traveling! If you don’t have the ability to clean your bowls regularly these would be a great option.
  • They would be great for when you have to hire a pet sitter! I know that I feel guilty sometimes about asking my sitter to scrub dishes. These would eliminate that guilt.
  • These would be great for everyone who feeds stray and feral cats! Cats who live outdoors are far more likely to have viruses and diseases that can be spread to other cats. These bowls would help keep dishes clean.
  • They would be great for shelters and adoption centers! When there are so many cats around, it just makes sense to use disposable bowls.

Despite my own personal hangup on the waste aspect, the bowls are minimum-impact. They’re made from straw (an agricultural by-product) instead of trees and they are fully compostable. Non-allergenic and gluten-free too!

REVIEW: Ruggable Washable Area Rugs

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 3.20.03 PM

Image Source: Ruggable

A few months ago, Ruggable sent me a sample of one of their 2-piece rug systems. I had never heard of such a thing and, to tell you the truth, I was a bit skeptical that a rug that separated into two pieces would stay in place. My sister Ida and I are both very rowdy cats, so I knew this rug would really be put to the test.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 3.17.08 PM

Image Source: Ruggable

My first impression upon opening the package was “Ooh, it’s stylish!” I checked out their website and found that the Ruggable rugs come in tons of colors and patterns that should blend in nicely with any decor. Now that it has been in my home for quite a while, here are my thoughts:

  • I tried everything I could to budge this rug. I charged it at full speed. I tackled my sister while she was calmly sitting on it grooming herself. I pounced onto the rug from the back of the couch. None of my efforts made it budge. I guess the no-slip backing really works!
  • was able to flip the corners up a few times though. The velcro-like material that helps the top layer attach to the bottom doesn’t go all the way to the edges.
  • After Ida and I shed all over it and I coughed up an impressive-sized hairball, my mom peeled off the top layer and tossed it in the wash. When it came out it was like having a whole new rug! So easy to clean.
  • Since the top layers can be bought separately, it would be easy to get a few different styles and switch them up to alter the look of your room sometimes. That could be fun!

All in all, Ruggable has come up with a great idea! I love it!










REVIEW: Animal Box: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists

This box of beautiful postcards, curated by Brooklyn-based artist Happy Menocal, will make you want to send snail-mail to everyone you know. The collection features 100 postcards by 10 artists, each depicting an animal. Each artist has such a different style, making each of the 100 postcards unique. They are all so lovely! The box also includes 10 tabbed dividers and a booklet that will tell you a bit more about each artist, their creative processes, influences, and favorite creatures.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is such a hit in our home that we have two. There are so many great features to this one product.

  • It has a durable corrugated cardboard scratching pad in the center. The pad is sturdy enough to let me dig right in, helping me shed the sheath from my nails to keep them strong and healthy. Since I love scratching the pad so much I don’t even think about scratching up the couch or carpet anymore either.
  • The pad is replaceable. The replacements come in packs of two, so we always have another on hand when I wear one out. We replace the pads every few months.
  • The outer layer is a track with a ball that zooms real fast. I have so much fun playing with it and it helps keep me active and stimulated. One of our Bergan Turbo Scratchers even has a ball that lights up!
  • The Bergan Turbo Scratcher comes with a small bag of catnip. This helped me love it from the very beginning.