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Is My Sleepy Cat Depressed?

Q: Dear Nora,
My cat sleeps a lot. Sometimes it seems like he sleeps almost all day. Is this normal? I’m worried that he’s depressed.

A: Day-long catnaps aren’t necessarily a sign of depression. On average, a healthy cat can sleep between 15-20 hours per day! Despite being domesticated, cats are still wild at heart and are hard-wired to sleep during the day and hunt at night. Your sleepy cat may very well be up chasing and pouncing at night while you are sound asleep. Try interesting him in some daytime hunting and playing with a wand toy or laser pointer.

Excessive sleeping may signal depression, though, if this is new behavior. Be on the lookout for lethargy, a change in personality or grooming habits, hiding, or aggression. Try this checklist from CatChannel.com to help you determine if your cat may be depressed. If you suspect depression or your cat’s behavior has changed, see your vet for options.

How Do I Keep My Cat Off the Refrigerator?

Q: Dear Nora,
My cat is always climbing on things. He jumps onto the counters, my dresser, the tops of cabinets, bookcases, and even the refrigerator. I don’t like when he gets up onto places where he isn’t supposed to be (especially in the kitchen with his litter-paws), but he only purs when I call him “Bad Kitty”. Why is he so insistent on being naughty and how can I get him to stop?

A: We like to be up high. It’s just a fact. From the beginning of cat-time, we’ve climbed trees, buildings, and refrigerators. It’s how we keep an eye on our surroundings, hunt our prey, and keep from becoming prey for other sneaky creatures.

You won’t be able to easily stop us from climbing to the highest perch in the room. However, you can provide more cat-appropriate vertical space to lure him away from the cabinets. There are lots of options out there, in many styles and price points. I have a tall, multi-tier tree in my house. It’s great because there is plenty of room for both my sister and I to be up high. Plus the base doubles as a scratcher to keep my claws nice and healthy. If you don’t like the look of a carpet-lined cat tree, there’s this fancy wooden version. There are also window perches and wall-mounted cat shelves.

In my house, we really like it when the cat tree is near a window so we can watch the birds and insects fly around. Most cats like this best, but you can try your tree in a couple locations to see what your cat prefers. Sprinkle some catnip onto the new tree or perch and give him some treats when he uses it. That’ll help him associate the tree with good times and ensure that he’ll keep using it.

How Do I Distract My Active Cats While I Work From Home?

Q: Dear Nora,
I work from home and my cats drive me absolutely CRAZY. It’s hard for me to concentrate because they are always running over my keyboard, knocking pens off my desk, and begging me to play with them. How can I show my cats that I love them while also staying productive and maintaining my sanity?

A: I don’t really understand why you’d want to do work instead of playing with cats but okay, I’ll give this a shot. Your cats are super excited that you’re home, and it also sounds like they have a lot of energy, so naturally that energy is going to be directed at you if you don’t provide other enticing things to play with.

Do your cats have enough toys? I mean, toys they actually play with? My mom works from home too and we stay (mostly) distracted by the Bergan Turbo Scratcher. It has a scratch pad and a ball we can chase around. Plus there are all kinds of inserts to change it up with teaser toys and cat grass. There are also some automated interactive toys to keep your cats busy while you concentrate. Try an automated chaser toy or a battery operated mouse.

Also, make sure to take a break every now and then to play with your cats yourself. Taking breaks will ultimately improve your concentration and stamina and keep them purring at you when your work day is done.

Why Does My Cat Love String So Much?

Q: Dear Nora,
What is the maddening attraction cats have for string and the like?  From the yarn in my hand to the drawstring on my pajama pants and sometimes even the spaghetti hanging over the edge of my plate.  What is it?!

A: The answer to this is pretty simple. Your cat is a hunter. Even indoor kitties who don’t get to hunt actual live prey (except maybe the occasional mouse or fly) still have the hunting instinct strong at their cores. One thing is for sure: if it wiggles, we will pounce.

If this is behavior you’ve noticed is exceptionally strong in your cat I’d suggest adding some good wand toys into your playtime.

Why Does My Cat Hiss When She Plays?

Q: Dear Nora,
My cat hisses sometimes when she is playing. Is this normal?

A: Actually, yes. Though not super common, lots of cats hiss and growl while they are playing. Your cat is simply following her predatory instincts and acting as she would when hunting live prey.

Why Does My Cat Knock Everything Down?

Q: Dear Nora,
Why does my cat like to knock everything off of high surfaces? It’s driving me bonkers! What can I do, short of installing trampoline floors.

A: Sounds like your cat is bored. We’re playful and curious creatures, and if we don’t have enough appropriate things in our environments to stimulate us we’ll surely resort to inappropriate things. Does your cat have enough toys around? Does he actually play with them? If there aren’t enough toys around that actually get a lot of use you may want to just try a few more kinds. There are so many different kinds out there—balls, squeaking toys, wands, battery operated ones—there’s bound to be something to direct his attention away from knocking everything over. You can also try some food puzzles to keep him stimulated.

But if you do end up installing trampoline floors, be sure to invite me over. That sounds fun!

Why Does My Cat Stick Her Butt In My Face?

Q: Dear Nora,
Over the past year, my cat has become a bit more grumpy than usual. She spends about 90% of her day in bed sleeping on my pillow on my side of the bed. She begrudgingly moves at night so I can get into bed, only to return later to insist on sharing the pillow with me. The struggle to share the bed can be annoying but the part that gets real bad is her insistence to put her butt directly in my face. Not just pointed in my direction, but RIGHT IN MY FACE. Does she just hate me?

A: Actually, given the information I have, I’d say your cat loves you quite a lot.

First off all, she is choosing your pillow because she likes the smell of you. You represent comfort and security to her.

As for the butt thing, I know it’s hard to understand how a butt in your face can equal love. But cat language is often subtle, and therefore misunderstood. Cats have glands on several parts of their body—their cheeks, their paws, and yes, even near their butts at the base of the tail. They use these glands to mark things that are safe and comfortable. In this case, you. When your cat does this, she’s basically saying you are part of her colony.

Try putting your old stinky pillowcase on another pillow and placing it next to the pillow you want to sleep on at night. You may be able to at least convince her to scoot over a but to make sleeping more comfortable.

The Winners Have Been Chosen!

productThanks to all of the cat mamas who entered the Dear Nora/Tidy Cats Mother’s Day Giveaway this week! We heard so many great stories, and your wild, dedicated love to your furkids is crystal clear. You all deserve a big Mother’s Day surprise, but in the end we could only choose ten. The winners were notified by email this morning and will be receiving their special gift (including Tidy Cats litter, of course) later this week.

Keep watching Dear Nora for more Tidy Cats news and giveaways! As Tidy Cats Insiders, we’ve got some exciting announcements up our sleeves!

Happy Mother’s Day, Cat Mamas! Let Us Celebrate You with Special Gifts!

TidyCatsLogo-newHappy Mother’s Day, cat mamas! I’m excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Tidy Cats to bring Dear Nora readers an exclusive inside scoop on Tidy Cats news and new products!

This Mother’s Day, you deserve to be pampered! We’d like to show our appreciation for all of the love and devotion you give so freely to your furkids by offering you a chance to win some special gifts and, of course, Tidy Cats litter!

There are a lot of great reasons to love being a cat mom. My mama says her favorite part has been watching me grow into a big, healthy, strong-willed cat from the scared, tiny kitten I was when she found me.

What’s your favorite part of being a cat mama? Let us know in the comments for a chance to win special gifts and Tidy Cats litter.

Act fast—ten winners will be chosen and notified on May 6th!

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