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Why Is My Cat So Vocal at Night?

Q: Dear Nora,

My 14 yr old cat has become very vocal in the last few weeks  And it happens at night, when I am trying to sleep!  She will sit in the doorway of the bedroom and meow.  If I close the door she will sit outside the door and meow.  Not sure what she wants. I  get up and check her food….she has lots..  During the day she is not so annoying.  What’s going on?

iamthegreatwent @ Instagram
iamthegreatwent @ Instagram

A: There are lots of reasons a cat can become more vocal during different stages of their lives or at different times during the day or night. When you’re being kept up at night it’s hard to remember that your cat isn’t midnight-meowing with the intentions of driving you crazy. She’s simply trying to communicate something to you. Given her age and the fact that this behavior is new and is only happening at night, I suspect that your cat’s vision is declining. This can make her feel disoriented or confused at night, causing her to call out to you. Try installing a few night lights throughout your home to help her get around. If this doesn’t work, or if her meowing escalates beyond nighttime, it’s worth a vet checkup to see if there is a medical cause for her behavior change.